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A Treasure-Chest Message

REETINGS OF AMITY! in commemoration of the

Sovereign Sanctuary of the Rose-Croix Valley of Egypt

To those certain selected Initiates on the Path who have attained the Fourth Degree of Advance­ ment in the International J u ris d ic tio n of The Americas, British Commonwealth, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Africa

Salutem Punctis Trianguli!

BELOVED ADEPT: I have the h o n o r to com m unicate to you the greetings and salutations of the Im p erato r of the Ancient Mystical O rder Itosae C ruris fo r the Internation al Jurisdiction. In ages past, it was the custom of the G rand O rient of the Rose-Croix O rder of Egypt to direct a com m unication sim ilar to this to all m em bers who had attained a certain degree in th eir studies. T he G rand O rient was the exclusive and only R osicrucian adm inistrative body of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Rose-Croix of the land of ancient P yram ids and Tem ples. In com m em oration of the achievem ents of the V eneraldes of that ancient body, we carry on th eir wishes in this respect. You have reached a point in your progress that enables us to n u m ber you am ong those who have been carefully selected by th eir M asters and Teachers to constitute an international group of diligent w orkers and practical adepts who m ay assist us and o u r b reth ren in various lands in carrying on the world­ wide reform ation that was originally decreed in the M anifestoes issued by the H igh Council and the H ierophant of the O rder in Egypt. You shall know , th erefore, by this special m essage and M anifesto that you have been m ade an associate m em ber of all the G rand Lodges of AMOltC, Internation al, by virtue of your progress in the studies and attainm ent in th eir understanding, and that you shall hold this title fo r as long as you rem ain an active, regular m em ber in this G rand Lodge. A certificate to this effect is attached hereto am i we trust that you will preserve this certificate so that it may be shown to o th er m em bers in lower grades of study and thereby encourage them to seek that degree of perfection and attainm ent in th eir w ork which will bring to them sim ilar recognition and affiliation from this or other jurisdictions of the world-wide brotherhood o f Rosicrucians. You are also privileged to show this certificate to any of your friends who may not be m em bers, fo r it is in no wise a secret docum ent. T he ho no r of possessing this certificate is dependent upon the ho n o r that you continue to place on your

obligations of affiliation and your devotion to the ideals of the organization, hut you may always feel that you have been espe­ cially selected by the Officers of this jurisdiction as being w orthy o f such recognition. F or centuries, rare teachings, esoteric know ledge, were care­ fully preserved and secretly protected in the T reasure Chests of o u r tem ples in L uxor, M em phis, H eliopolis, and in the Mys­ tery C ham bers of the P yram ids. G radually, m ost of this know ledge cam e to he released to adepts ready to carry on the G reater W ork of the B rotherhood in the new cycle of rebirth and world-wide regeneration which began with the year known in the vulgar calendar as 1933. One of the great and secret studies is that relating to the esoteric wisdom now contained in the true and ancient Kahala. Many erroneous and false versions of this Sacred and im p or­ tant study have been issued in various parts of the world un d er the guidance of those who w ere not Rosicrucian initiates or truly instructed. In o rd er th at the tru e wisdom may reach the w orthy students, the G rand M aster of this G rand O rient in Egypt long ago instructed the Secretary in the Sovereign Sanc­ tuary of this jurisdiction to issue to you and to those others who are qualified, a series of w ell-prepared lessons containing this special study of the K ahala. T hese lessons concerning the A ncient K ahala will he sent to you at the rate of two each m onth—on the first of the m onth. T here shall he no cost in the form of com pulsory fees attached to the transm ission of these sacred lessons to you. However, each and every one who receives them will be glad to m ake a small m onthly voluntary donation o r contribution to the cost of p reparin g and m ailing them . T his m onthly voluntary dona­ tion shall he a nom inal am ount decided by you in the gracious­ ness of your heart and to such a degree as will w ork no hardship and becom e no sacrifice, fo r these lessons are intended to he free from any rew ard. E xperience has proved that the p reparation , p rin tin g and m ailing of the special lectures, im poses an extra burden and expense on AMORC unless the m inim um donation m ade by the m em ber fo r these special lectures is at least $1.00 (7 /3 sterling) a m onth. W hen the m em ber receiving the K ahala discourses can afford a larg er donation, it is sincerely app re­ ciated, fo r it m akes up deficits. These and fu tu re TREASURE-CHEST studies will in no wise supplant the studies that you are receiving through your regu­

lar m em bership and in the regular procedure of yo ur graded studies. They are entirely supplem entary and should be read am i analyzed each week in addition to your own regular p ro ­ cedure of developm ent. In other w ords, it is, of course, expect­ ed that each m em ber will keep up his active w ork in the regular AMORC studies. T he follow ing is all that is required of you: A. Fill out in detail the attached “ W arrant fo r Special Study.” B. Mail the W arrant and your voluntary donation to the Secretary o f A.M .O .R.C., R osicrucian P ark , San Jose, C alifornia, U. S. A. U pon receipt of that W arrant, the Secretary will know that you have been selected to receive these special lectures and will m ake arrangem ents fo r m ailing them to you w ithout fu rth er delay. Do not m ake the m istake of sending the Certificate (on the hack cover) to the Secretary. You should keep it am ong your precious papers to show others and fo r identification. T his M anifesto, R equest, and W arrant was originally p re­ pared in a m ann er and form acceptable to the K eeper o f the Seals of the G rand O rient of Egypt in the nam e of the M ystical Master, Christian R osenkreuts, and with the perm ission of the Suprem e H ierophant and the Suprem e Council of the B rother­ hood. May it carry with it into your very hands the blessings of prosperity and rich rew ard, and to your very heart and m ind, peace and happiness, and to your soul, everlasting life. In the B onds of the O rder, I am Fraternally, (over)



Separate the Form Below and Send it by Post (M ail) to the A ddress Indicated.


S ecretary , AM ORC R o sic ru cia n P a rk , S an Jo se, C alifo rn ia , U.S.A. Illu strio u s F ra te r: F ro m th e T re a su re C hest o f th e A rchives o f AM ORC I have receiv ed a M anifesto . I sh all be h a p p y to have th e ad d itio n al in stru ctio n s, a n d I sh all be p leased to s h a re in c a rry in g som e o f th e costs o f th is m arv elo u s w ork. I renew m y alleg ian ce to th e O rd er. (N a m e )....................................................... ..........K ey N u m b e r____________ (S tre e t o r B ox N u m b er)

....................... ................... ..................................

(C ity an d S ta te )................ .............................................................-........................„ (Z one nu m b er, if p a rt o f y o u r address)

In d ic a te th e last AM ORC m o n o g ra p h y ou have stu d ied D o y o u see any re aso n w hy you c a n n o t co n scien tiou sly stud y th e se ra re m a n u sc rip ts w hich a re to b e sen t to you in a d d i­ tio n to y o u r o th e r stu d ies at th e ra te o f tw o a m o n th ? D o y o u u n d e rsta n d th a t th ese m a n u sc rip ts a re n o t to su p p la n t y o u r official R o sicru cian te ac h in g s, b u t a re in a d d itio n to th e m ? D o y ou solem nly p ro m ise b efo re th e G od o f y o u r H ea rt an d in th e n am e o f th e O rd er R osae C rucis to k eep sacred an d secret th e c o n ten t o f th ese m a n u sc rip ts b ein g sen t to y ou ? Y ou r p ro p o se d v o lu n tary m o n th ly c o n trib u tio n . $


A fter y ou have ca re fu lly co n sid ered th e above q u estio n s, a n ­ sw er th em a n d m ail th is q u e stio n n a ire to th e ad d ress show n above. Y our first d o n atio n sh o u ld acco m p an y th is q u e stio n n aire. If y o u p re fe r y o u m ay sen d th e d o n a tio n fo r as m an y m o n th s in ad v an ce as you desire. G -58

2 61


D’ E G Y P T E


et G R A N D




That the Beloved Adept whose signature is inscribed below has been inducted into the Fourth Degree of the world-wide rites of the Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C . Therefore, the said Adept is recorded in our Archives as an Associate Member of all the Grand Lodges of A M O R C , Interna­ tional, and is entitled to all of the benefits and considerations guaranteed to such associate mem­ bers by virtue of their active membership in this Grand Lodge. S - '

r~ 7/

Pour le Souverain Sanctuaire:

Im perator C o m p le te S ig n a tu re o f th e A d e p t